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Eh Siok Teng

thomson chinese medicine Eh Siok Teng

TCM Physician

Bachelor Degree (Singapore College of TCM)
Bachelor Degree (Nanjing University of TCM)

“Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has caught on my strong interest during my mid-life career, when I was in search for a cure for some gynaecological issues. After being trained in TCM, I have gained better insight into many health issues.  I can appreciate and administer effective TCM and holistic treatments for various ailments.  I believe in sharing my experience in helping those in need.”

Physician Eh is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board. She is also a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association.

She is bilingual in English, Mandarin and fluent in Chinese Dialects. She provides consultation and treatments for common ailments for all age groups.  Her strength includes addressing gynaecological, paediatric, obesity health issues and management of pain by using TCM and holistic approaches.

Clinic: Thomson, NUH

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