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Commonly used as an alternative or complementary treatment option, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has risen in popularity in recent years. TCM is often used as an alternative treatment for pain, injuries, and other chronic illnesses, and is often used alongside more conventional treatment options, such as painkillers, antibiotics and other similar medical practices.

TCM can also be used to treat health problems for women, such as menstrual pains and infertility.


TCM women clinics in Singapore typically practice a wide range of TCM treatments and are most known for their acupuncture and cupping treatments, which are known for relieving pain and aiding recovery. While TCM has, in recent years, come under scrutiny by experts of western medicine and many studies have been conducted to find out if these TCM treatments do indeed work, many TCM women clinics in Singapore still do see a steady, and in some cases, increasing, stream of patients.

While women clinics in Singapore specialising in TCM treatments do often treat a wide range of chronic pain, injuries and other illnesses, many women seek out TCM treatment for problems such as severe menstrual pain, which usually come in the form of stomach cramps.

These severe pains can be intense enough to incapacitate the sufferer, thus rendering them unable to complete simple day to day tasks. Menstrual pains are also commonly known to be unreactive to conventional painkillers, which further drives women in Singapore to search for alternative treatment options.

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Infertility in women is another common problem seen by TCM women clinics in Singapore. Many women look to TCM for alternatives or complementary treatments that suit their current fertility treatments. In TCM, fertility treatments often aim to relieve stress, improve blood flow, and improve the quality of eggs that are released each month.


TCM women clinics in Singapore tackle problems such as menstrual pains and infertility in women with a large range of treatment options. From acupuncture to herbal remedies, all treatment methods used by TCM clinics in Singapore are also required to be fully tested and approved by the Health Sciences Authority and the ministry of health. Unlike in other countries, Singapore requires that the finished product is tested before use is approved, ensuring that the product actually ingested or used by the patient is safe, not just it’s ingredients.

These strict rules and regulations ensure that TCM women clinics in Singapore, and the treatments that they practice, are safe for patients seeking treatment.