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No. The process of extracting the active constituents ensures that all the important elements of the herbs are retained. When consumed, patients experience the same benefits of consuming Chinese medicine that are brewed directly from herbs.

Babies from the age of 6 months old can receive TCM treatment.

The duration of the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment period is dependent on the patient’s medical condition and physical constitution.

Yes, according to documented research, it is safe to receive TCM treatment such as acupuncture during the course of assisted reproductive therapies such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or In vitro fertilisation (IVF). It may also increase a couple’s chances of conception. The two main objectives of using acupuncture in conjunction with assisted reproductive therapies are:

  • To improve blood circulation to the reproductive organs
  • To improve the overall well-being, including reducing side effects of hormonal drugs/injections.

Apart from a minority of patients who may experience nausea and light-headedness, acupuncture is a proven safe method of treatment. In some cases, slight bruising might occur, particularly in those whose blood vessels are fragile. However, the bruises will subside within days and are no cause for concern.

All the needles used for acupuncture treatment at Thomson Chinese Medicine are sterile and individually sealed. There is no recycling of needles. Apart from disinfecting the areas to be treated with alcohol swab, our acupuncturists also observe strict hand hygiene practices such as regular hand washing and use of alcohol-based hand rub whenever necessary. Acupuncture is a traditional form of treatment with the insertion of needles into vital points to unblock the ‘qi’ or energy in our body’s meridians. This form of treatment has brought benefits to the lives of millions of people and is still highly validated to date. There are no known major negative side effects when a professional and certified physician administers the treatment.

While it is common to experience a quick pinch during needle insertion, this is not perceived as painful to most. At some point during the treatment, patients may experience numbing or tingling sensations, which are normal. But more importantly, patients should feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.