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How Does Acupuncture For Back Pain Works?

Approximately 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain due to different factors. While it seems like a typical pain that will just go away, lower back pain can affect your day to day routine. People who are greatly bothered by this pain look for the best solution, like the acupuncture for back pain. Several studies show that acupuncture can provide an effective relief of back pain for many people. Traditional medical treatments may help ease the pain, but many people today consider acupuncture to be more successful in relieving the pain.

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The term “acupuncture” may scare those who don’t know much about this approach in treating this ailment. So to help enlighten your mind, here’s a quick rundown of how acupuncture works and helps treat back pain.

What is acupuncture?

More than 2,500 years ago, acupuncture began in China which involves inserting of thin needles at certain anatomical points on the body. So, it is considered as one of the oldest and widely used medical procedures in the world. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are more than 2,000 points in the human body and these points are critical in acupuncture treatment. Its effectiveness is based on the principle of Qi, which is regarded as the life force of the universe. Acupuncture is designed to unblock the flow of Qi, just like releasing water from a dam.

Over time, the practice of acupuncture has evolved. Some practices incorporate medical traditions from China, Korea, Japan and other countries. The approach may vary, however, the primary goal of this treatment stays the same – to relieve the pain the patient feels.

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How it relieves lower back pain?

One of the most common causes of back pain is the back muscle strain or ligament strain. Muscle or ligaments strain can be caused by lifting a heavy object, a sudden movement, prolonged bending, sitting for a long period of time, lack of exercise, poor posture or twisting. Back pain is reported to be the number one reason for seeking acupuncture treatment and good thing that this procedure is seen to be an effective tool for managing this ailment.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s healing process and increasing the blood flow in the affected area. The acupuncturist will penetrate fine needles into the skin at the specific points on the back and after a specific time, the needles will be pulled out one by one.

Number of times to get acupuncture

So, how often should you visit the acupuncturist and how many treatments are needed to acquire maximum relief from back pain? It highly depends on several factors. As a patient, you need document each day that the back pain occurs as well as the debilitating factors like if it hindered you from going to work or even just outside of your home. In addition, you need to rate the back pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Does it hurt badly? Then rate it 10. If it’s not that bad, then you can rate 4 or 5. All these details will be helpful when you visit the acupuncturist for the first time. There is no actual number of acupuncture treatments that will effectively relieve the pain. Each treatment is tailored based on each patient’s specific needs. So when you visit TCM clinic in Singapore, your treatment will be based on your needs.

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Does acupuncture hurt?

Generally, acupuncture treatment does not hurt. Some patients may feel the needles as they go in while others may not feel anything. The needles are extremely thin – about the diameter of a thick human hair, so the procedure won’t cause the patient more pain. If you are unsure, visit a clinic like the Traditional Chinese Medicine and speak to a specialist.